About Us

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It all started with a vision...

A brand built on the innovation of female entrepreneurs to fuel creativity and fashion, Pomchies is paving the way for women to support other women and conquering their dreams while looking great.

Pomchies (a pom-pom mixed with a scrunchie) was invented while trying to figure out a way to use the remnant fabric from an old swimwear factory. Founded to appeal to young ladies, Pomchies built their business by developing and producing basic accessories out of not-so-basic materials. And Pomchies, as you know it, was born. Currently, Pomchies is sold in over 2000 stores, boutiques, schools and bookstores across the globe.

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In 2020, during a time where social norms were forever changed, Pomchies introduced their protective yet stylish masks. It was a game-changer. The execution and the appeal of masks got the attention of blogs, news outlets and celebrities everywhere. The Pomchies mask was one of the brand's most famous and best-selling items to date - making the brand an overnight success. We are excited for your business and know you will continue to enjoy what Pomchies has to offer.

To keep the legacy of Pomchies alive, we have added many new items while keeping your favorite Pomchies products. We now have new categories such as hair accessories and stylers, jewelry, stickers, bags, swimsuits and so much more.

Together we are one. We want to stick to our roots while empowering women. Our accessories are a pinwheel of colors to embark the uniqueness about you. We are more than just an accessory brand. We are your gateway to self expression.