A Beginner's Guide to Scrunchies

A Beginner's Guide to Scrunchies


According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Rommy Revson patented the scrunchie in 1987, which began the hair revolution that is still in style today. With 90’s fashion coming back in style more and more each year, the scrunchie has seen a major comeback. You can pick up a pack of scrunchies today to express your style no matter the occasion.

f you have not already jumped onto the scrunchie bandwagon, you are missing out. A pack of scrunchies is one of the most essential items on your packing list if you are planning a trip. There are limitless options for how you can style your hair with a scrunchie, which means you can get away without packing any other hair accessories. Here are some ideas to wear your scrunchie in different hairstyles:

  • The ponytail
  • Multiple ponytails
  • The bun
  • Space buns
  • The pigtail
  • Braids
  • And more!

Scrunchies come in different colors and help match or compliment your hairdo to the rest of your outfit. So, the next time you are packing for a fun-loaded spring break, make sure you get enough scrunchies to match each of your outfits, or even match with your best friend.

Whether you are at the gym, working out outdoors, or even walking your dog, your hair will always be on point. The scrunchie is the ultimate workout companion. Scrunchies help make your hair look beautiful even as you run on the treadmill or even lift weights. The scrunchie can help you pull that sporty hairdo. Do not let your hair come between you and your fitness, get a pack of scrunchies to help you work out and look great as you are doing it.

The scrunchie is the perfect tool that will help you never have a bad hair day. They’re low maintenance and super easy to work with and use. Not only that, but the possibilities for hairstyles are endless. You can express your style and even match with friends no matter where you are or what you’re wearing. For stylish scrunchies, facemasks, headwear, and more, visit Pomchies.com!